Healthy Living Soils

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Lesson 3 - The Carbon Cycle and Soil

You will expand your understanding of the carbon cycle by digging deeper into the soil and investigate how carbon cycles through plants and how the complex soil ecosystem functions in healthy soils.

You will create a ‘mini’ carbon cycle diagram that represents the carbon cycle in healthy soil and explore how soil fungi play a critical role in plant growth and complete a three-level guide to aid your text comprehension.

You will then apply an Earth System Science approach to analyse soil degradation issues using the interactions between the four Earth spheres — the Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere and Biosphere.



Exploring the Carbon Cycle in the Soil

Worksheet 3.1a – Carbon Cycle Pre-quiz

Worksheet 3.1b – Recycling Carbon


The Carbon Cycle in the Soil Diagram

Worksheet 3.2a – Carbon Cycle in the Soil


Fungi and the Carbon Story

Worksheet 3.3a – Fungi and the Wood Wide Web

Worksheet 3.3b – Improving Our Soil Quality


Farming Fungi

Worksheet 3.4a – Farming Fungi

Worksheet 3.4b – Fruitful Tomatoes 


The Earth Systems and Soil

Worksheet 3.5a – Earth System – Diagram Examples

Worksheet 3.5b – Feeding the World

Worksheet 3.5c – Tackling Soil Degradation

Worksheet 3.5d – Soil Degradation Links