Healthy Living Soils

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Lesson 4 - Life Under the Soil

You will construct and interpret food chains and food webs that occur within Australian soils. You’ll examine the flow of matter and energy and learn about the feeding relationships between predators, prey, producers, and consumers found in Australian soil.

You will determine the effects of changes in populations of organisms if there is disruption of abiotic and biotic factors and isolate and examine organisms from local soil samples under microscopes or lenses. And also learn about the role of soil scientists and the interesting things they have discovered.

This resource will encourage you to see the wide variety of life below their feet and how vital living soil is for all organisms on Earth.



Australian Soil Food Chains and Food Webs


Disrupting the Food Web

Worksheet 4.2a – Disrupting the Food Web


Investigating Organisms Found in Local Soil

Access Activity from the DO section.


Soil scientists.