Healthy Living Soils

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Lesson 2 - Productive Soil Biomes

You will examine the main environmental characteristics of different biomes
(also known as ecoregions) around the world to see the connection between latitude, temperature, rainfall and land cover.

Then you will examine ecoregions around Australia and explore the climate, soil, flora, fauna and human land use that is evident in these places before researching and proposing soil management practices that would be applicable in their your local area.



Mapping Global Biomes


Australian Ecoregions and Soils


Managing Productive Soils in Your Bioregion

Worksheet 2.3a – Your Bioregion

Worksheet 2.2b – Features of Australian Ecoregions 

Worksheet 3.5d – Soil Degradation Links 

Worksheet 2.3b – Visualising Your Bioregion