Healthy Living Soils

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Lesson 1 - The Water Cycle and Soil

You will expand on your understanding of the water cycle to recognise how the cycle operates on scales as small as their local catchment, and how the water cycle impacts soil.

You will create a Google Earth project to explain the impacts of water movement through a rural catchment and also examine how soil is formed and that it is a non-renewable natural resource.

You will also consider the critical importance of maintaining soil quality to ensure global food security.



The Small Water Cycle and Soil

Worksheet 1.1a – What is a Catchment?

Worksheet 1.1b – The Water Cycle in a Catchment

Worksheet 1.1c – Water Movement in a Catchment


The Water Cycle, Soil and the Food We Eat – Google Earth Project


Is Soil a Renewable Resource?

Worksheet 1.3a – Is Soil a Renewable Resource?

Worksheet 1.3b – How Soil is Created?